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Asset Management

Unify your asset data and monitor your maintenance tasks, documents, service history, spare parts, asset conditions, and expenses. Get real-time information about asset status updates, usage and downtime, and leverage it to make better decisions about maintenance and replacements.

Work Order Management

Create, assign and schedule work orders in one place without the hassle of endless paperwork. Easily keep track of your work, materials, equipment, and labor costs, add clarity and accuracy with photos, documents and comments.

Task Management

Create and assign tasks with our easy-to-use web or mobile app. Track the progress of each job in real-time and see how much time your technicians spent on individual tasks.

Service Request Management

Enable your clients and employees to quickly submit service requests with a few clicks using our apps or a request portal. Create work orders and tasks immediately, as soon as requests are made, and assign them to the technician or team of your choice.

Preventive Maintenance

Set specific time intervals for preventive maintenance to prevent minor equipment issues from becoming costly problems for your business. Integrate your meters with the PM feature to automatically create preventive maintenance work orders based on meter readings.


Supercharge your decision-making with relevant metrics about assets, work orders, projects, contracts, inventory, and services. Create custom reports to uncover meaningful insights, and distribute them in Excel or PDF.

Use cases



Explore how WorkTrek can help you maximize productivity and equipment lifespan and reduce the cost of production downtime with easy-to-use planning, scheduling, and tracking features.

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Field Service

Streamline your day-to-day operations, from scheduling jobs to tracking customer requests, mobile employees, and field service activities with a 100% user-friendly solution and mobile app.

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Improve your maintenance effectiveness and deliver added value to make customers even happier with your services. See how WorkTrek’s solution puts you in control of facility management.

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Tool and
Equipment Tracking

Say goodbye to lost or missing equipment. WorkTrek puts real-time data about your assets at your fingertips so you can easily track tools and equipment across locations and field employees.

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Who needs a license to use WorkTrek?

In order to access and use the features of the WorkTrek solution, every user within your organization must have his/her own single-user license. The license cannot be shared with multiple users (this applies to all positions within an organization) but can be used on different devices simultaneously. You can add as many user licenses as you want to your WorkTrek subscription plan.

Do guest users require a license to access WorkTrek?

Guest users can access WorkTrek without a license to submit requests. A guest user will not have access to paid features, such as Work Orders, Asset Management, Task Management and Contract Management. The number of guests you can add to your account for free is unlimited.

How much does a license cost?

The licensing cost depends on the type of subscription plan you choose. All WorkTrek plans are licensed per user, giving you the flexibility to easily add new users to your paid plan at any time. There are three types of Per User plans: Starter ($19 per user per month), Professional ($29 per user per month) and Enterprise ($49 per user per month).
You can see what features are included in each plan here.
Depending on your needs, you can purchase a monthly or an annual subscription.

Do I need a contract before I can purchase a license?

No. You have the flexibility of being able to pay for the number of user licenses you need on a monthly or annual basis.

Can you mix and match WorkTrek Plans for different users?

All of your users are assigned to the same plan, Starter, Professional, or Business. You cannot combine different subscriptions when purchasing WorkTrek licenses. However, you can change your subscription plan at any time.


How long does the WorkTrek free trial last?

The free trial is available for a period of 30 days – free of charge. You can order a paid subscription at any time during your trial.

What features are included in the trial?

When you sign-up for a free trial, you automatically get access to all the features included in the Enterprise plan. If you’d like to trial a different plan, contact us and we’ll give you access to your preferred plan.

Is support included in my plan?

Absolutely. We’re eager to assist you – please contact our Customer Support if you have any questions.


What is the cost of WorkTrek implementation?

Costs for implementation can vary depending on numerous factors, such as the level of customization and the type of training you need. It is also dependent on the amount of data that is imported into the system and your formatting requirements.

How to prepare import data?

We’ll send you an Excel file where you can import your data.