Facility Management

Facility Management Software – Easily manage requests across multiple business locations and perform crucial maintenance tasks, including creating, assigning, and tracking work orders. Facility maintenance management software is made to unlock your facility management potential in one software.

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Facility Managers

Enable quick and seamless management of maintenance activities without incurring the expenses of purchasing multiple software solutions.

Digitize and optimise your operations

WorkTrek gives maintenance managers the highest level of clarity and control over their operations, enabling them to:

  • Reduce equipment downtime and associated costs.
  • Track work history, maintenance and repair activities in real-time.
  • Easily schedule, approve and assign work orders.

Fast and easy-to-use mobile app

The WorkTrek mobile app allows facility managers to:

  • Keep track of all activities and manage maintenance work from any location.
  • Stay connected to technicians in the field and the provide real-time answers to questions abouteach work order.
  • Use mobile device to close work orders and tasks, track progress and monitor whether projects are properly completed.
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From instant notifications to internal knowledge base, WorkTrack arms your technicians with mobile-first features that boost remote productivity.

Empower your tech teams to work smarter

Our mobile-friendly solution is perfect for businesses that want to improve field service productivity and enable seamless collaboration between their teams.

  • Provide field workers with a quick and easy way to share expert knowledge.
  • Help your technicians plan ahead using critical information on service, assets and equipment.
  • Create a collaborative working environment with features that save valuable time in the field.
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Stay connected with a mobile app

The WorkTrek mobile app allows your technicians to:

  • Receive real-time mobile notifications on assigned work orders
  • Fill out checklists and complete work orders while in the field
  • Create comprehensive records of work and site history to support future projects
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With centralized request management, your customers will be able to quickly communicate, track and review maintenance work in just a few clicks.

Delight your customers through seamless online experiences

  • Move to a mobile-first model for maintenance requests.
  • Submit and track requests centrally – within a single platform.
  • Share feedback and reviews of technicians’ work.
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Mobile app for the modern customer

The WorkTrek mobile app makes maintenance requests simple with features that:

  • Enable customers to submit requests anywhere from their personal device
  • Add photographs to every request, providing more context into maintenance problems
  • Receive request status change notifications.
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Key capabilities

Task creation

Create service requests

Quickly create and close service requests from anywhere using our web and mobile applications or a public request portal.

Work orders

Assign work order and tasks

Create new work orders based on client requests and assign them to one or more technicians.

Seamless requests

Mobile app for technicians

Technicians can use our mobile app to receive notifications on scheduled services, access work-related information and complete work orders in the field.

Status overview

Prescheduled inspections

Our Preventive Maintenance module makes it easy to proactively create work orders for inspections using forms and checklists, which can be completed from any location.

Work Orders and Inspections

Create actionable reports

Easily create and customise facility management reports using information like work order history, asset uptime, backlogs and other important KPIs.

Types of facilities


Office buildings












Health and Recreation



Municipalities-and-government facilities

Municipalities and Government

Benefits of WorkTrek Facility Management


Greater transparency and control

Use one platform to track work orders and tasks, and monitor your technicians’ locations in real-time.

Reduce the number of interventions

Plan interventions in advance and handle work orders in a timely manner.

Improve understanding of processes

Create an internal knowledge to keep a centralised record of work history and better understand maintenance activities.

Built-in safety and compliance

Give your technicians easy access to health and safety information about specifics work orders, making sure your organization adheres to the highest safety standards across all activities.

Digitize your workflows

Our solution replaces paper and spreadsheets with a centralized repository of electronic documents.

Increase customer satisfaction

Meet and exceed your clients’ expectations by shortening response times.

Our services

Our services are focused on accommodating your business needs, increasing user adoption, and providing you ongoing support to resolve maintenance issues and challenges faster.



Our experienced consultants will help you customise the solution to fit your business processes and integrate with your existing systems.

Data import

We make it easy to import your asset, preventive maintenance, parts, forms&checklists data into WorkTrek.

Training Services

Our training services will drive user adoption, acceptance and productivity within your organization.


WorkTrek experts are here to provide support and answer questions, ensuring all requests are resolved efficiently and in a timely manner.

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Satisfied customers.
Successful stories.

Marin Štenglin

Marin Štenglin

Board Member • Alfa Stan Group

Optimal addition for our business

In daily business we noticed the need to optimize and analyse communication with our clients. After researching available
solutions, we decided on WorkTrek and are confident it was the right decision. Accessible and transparent user platform,
coupled with excellent system integration process and enthusiastic WorkTrek team reachable at all times - the result: optimal addition for our business.

Matjaž Valenčić

Matjaž Valenčič

Operations & Maintenance Manager • interEnergo

Complete control

Before using Worktrek, we had most of the data on assets in Excel and various documents and had to rely on people to carry
out timely service which sometimes resulted in the mistakes, a power plant shutdown, consequent loss of profit and posed
threat to workers safety. Worktrek gives us complete control over all maintenance activities on our assets so we can ensure that
our energy plants and devices are safe and operate reliably, and in this way we achieve the desired return on investment.

Urban Taljan

Urban Taljan

Maintenance and Production Manager, interEnergo

Efficient and comprehensive

We chose Worktrek because it is very easy to use, yet powerful enough to cover all the needs of managing the maintenance
processes of demanding facilities such as power and heating plants. The mobile app is easy to use and works even in offline
mode. It is very important that the data can be captured where it is generated. It is essential that we have many options to
adapt the system to our own needs which together with the great team of qCode IT enables us to have an efficient and
comprehensive system in place.

Tomislav Matković

Tomislav Matković

Maintenance manager, TRIUS

Saves money and time

We use WorkTrek to help us maintain our building. Before the app, our staff would often be overwhelmed with calls and
messages from our tenants, often leading to missed work. Using WorkTrek mobile application, work orders are clearly arranged,
and field workers know exactly their responsibilities, which has improved our service. It saved us money and time and brought
us much happier tenants.

Božo Šparelić

Božo Šparelić

board member, GEEN

Improving security and efficiency

In order to elevate our power plant to a higher level, we were looking for a modern solution to help us with plant management.
We replaced unreliable practices like papers and excel spreadsheets with WorkTrek. The WorkTrek solution allowed us to
perform all the checklists through web and mobile applications, greatly improving security and efficiency of our plants.

Damir Fabijanković

Damir Fabijanković

Service Manager, METUS

Better visibility

As an elevator maintenance company, we had many challenges working in the field, such as a large amount of work orders and
their organization. The need for a CMMS system became apparent. WorkTrek application helped us greatly in better visibility,
control, and organization of work. With the WorkTrek mobile application, our technicians have clearer division of work tasks,
which improves their efficiency. We are particularly pleased with the support and promptness of the WorkTrek team.


Hrvoje Jergović

Head of Material business department, Dalekovod

Better insight

As a company that owns a vast number of tools and equipment in different locations, we always had to invest a lot of time to
accurately track items and their status, resulting in slow resource allocations. To solve this issue, we started using assignment
and tracking assets through the WorkTrek application. This gave us a better insight into each asset and significantly reduced the
time and expense of excessive accumulation of equipment.