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WorkTrek Brings Unrivaled Efficiency and Cost Savings to U.S. Businesses with a Leading CMMS/Work Order Management Platform.

Today, San Francisco, CA – WorkTrek, the premier European CMMS platform acclaimed for optimizing efficiency and slashing operational costs, announced its U.S. launch today. This revolutionary Software as a Service (SAAS) platform brings a new work order and asset management level, promising unparalleled cost benefits and efficiency gains for American businesses. 

Key Advantages: 

  • Enhanced Efficiency in Work Order Management: WorkTrek automates workflows, drastically cutting down on manual tasks and leading to swifter project delivery. 
  • Superior Asset Management: The platform’s advanced tracking and predictive maintenance capabilities ensure assets are kept in prime condition, minimizing repair costs and extending asset lifespans. 
  • Anytime, Anywhere Cloud Accessibility: WorkTrek’s cloud-based system guarantees instant data updates, enabling efficient remote management and coordination. 
  • Effortless Integration: With its compatibility with existing U.S. software, WorkTrek ensures a frictionless integration, safeguarding investment in current technologies. 

Our platform’s proven track record in boosting efficiency and reducing operational costs has been a resounding success in Europe across various industries.  We’re now ready to empower U.S. companies with these transformative benefits,” said Josko Ivankov, Founder of WorkTrek. 

For more information on how WorkTrek can elevate your business’s operational efficiency and reduce costs, visit or reach out to 

About WorkTrek: Established in 2016, WorkTrek remains a beacon of innovation, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that propel industry growth and maximize resource efficiency. 

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