Five Ways CMMS Will Save You Money

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CMMS is a software tool that has its place in all types of companies as soon as they have a fleet of assets, such as large retailers, large manufacturers, or simply companies with substantial premises. A CMMS software solution makes it possible to centralize, organize and plan the maintenance of a company’s equipment.

Among its missions are for example:

Definition Of Maintenance Management

CMMS (Computerized maintenance management system) software solution is an essential element for any organized and functional production. It allows companies to visualize and manage their resources while controlling factors such as time and cost. The CMMS computer system ensures maximum efficiency of the manufacturing process, services, and associated facilities. It is a tool that helps to guarantee a sustainable and satisfactory quality of production, and which in a way, ensures the safety and protection of employees and the environment.

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Importance Of CMMS

Management is an important factor to take into account because it is a guarantee of quality within a company, sometimes going so far as to even determine the success of the latter, regardless of its industry or sector. Poor resource management can cause instability and can partially (or completely) halt production. Malfunctioning or breaking down machines can become a real cost for companies that, through a non-optimal allocation of their resources, lose a lot.

These additional costs (which can also occur with new machines) related to repairs, operations, and interventions by technicians or due to preventive management inspections represent a source of instability that the CMMS software can control and counter.

What Is A CMMS Used For?

A CMMS software solution can help you manage your assets, inventory, and work orders, but how exactly does it work? A good CMMS software package is fully equipped with a wide variety of maintenance activity management features. CMMS systems centralize information about an asset – where it is, what it needs, who worked on it, and when. It makes critical asset management data automated, accessible, and audit-ready.

One of the main features of CMMS software is to prevent maintenance. This means that it schedules regular proactive maintenance of assets performance and equipment and sends alerts in order to avoid costly breakdowns and large repairs. It also manages your assets by tracking and monitoring conditions to capture data and prevent outages. Likewise, it manages your work orders by allowing users to open, process, and monitor the status of work order requests. Not only manage assets performance and work orders, but also inventory. This is done by organizing spare parts, materials, and other tools used for maintenance activity operations. Furthermore, the Technician schedules can be controlled directly in the system and specific work orders can be assigned to individual technicians. Last but not least, it provides mobile accessibility. Users can access the system on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

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Five Ways CMMS Will Save You Money

Do you know that you can save a lot of money by adopting a CMMS solution? Technology is a valuable asset, but it also requires expensive furnishings, tools, shards, and materials. These elements can become difficult to manage if you do it manually, especially if you have to do the whole working process on paper. Believe it or not, you can reduce the amount of hard work and save a lot of money by implementing a CMMS software solution in your business.

Here are Five Ways CMMS Will Save You Money:

1. Your equipment is always visible

Assisted maintenance activity is essential data, in order to better measure the various information circulating within your company. The impact will be direct, an improvement in productivity, with computer-assisted maintenance. In a very intuitive way, you will be able to manage the maintenance schedule, on all the equipment, without forgetting the inspection. The planning of the interventions will thus be followed by the different directives of the software, it works like an internal calendar where all the equipment is listed, with a history of all the breakdowns from different reports automatically generated.

For your part, all you have to do is analyze them conscientiously, according to your different concerns and the different objectives of each team.

For a company, this is absolutely essential data to increase productivity, but it is also a reduced workload with the assurance of not forgetting the slightest report.

2. Optimization of equipment life and costs

The maintenance management software has the advantage of ensuring excellent traceability and excellent monitoring of all schedules. Whatever the equipment concerned or the machine, he will be perfectly capable of giving you a complete report, on all the intervention planning, as well as the diagnosis of breakdowns.

The objective of such a process is to set up intervention times that will be considerably reduced, on equipment that is always optimized, with optimal monitoring. From a financial point of view, this will translate into a considerable reduction in maintenance costs, with teams that will be much better informed and able to get straight to the point.

But the advantages of assisted maintenance do not stop there, since you benefit from a very rigorous follow-up, it will be much more obvious to you to maintain in good condition the company equipment. From the moment you take care of the different machines, they will have a much longer life, which will allow you to achieve substantial savings.

Thus, the money you have saved can be reinvested in other production sectors, or why not complete your equipment, by buying additional machines?

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3. Information that circulates continuously

A CMMS simply corresponds to a facilitated interface, where exchanges between the different services will be done instantly. Thanks to advanced features, it is possible to set up very precise settings, using Web technology.

A system for sending and exchanging emails with notifications and alerts can be programmed so that the technical teams are informed in real-time of the situation, an intervention in progress, or a security diagnosis.

All the information characteristic of the machine will thus be faithfully and securely transcribed, allowing better efficiency for the maintenance teams, who will be able to take care of all the machines. The translation and the impact will be direct for the company, computer-assisted maintenance management will make employees much more functional, but also make machines much more productive.

4. An impact on supply costs

Never mind the maintenance range you have selected, the software will take stock management into account and will be automatically configured so that you are notified when restocking is absolutely necessary.

Indeed, tools native to the software include automatic control functionalities, via an alarm system. From the moment a stock starts to run out, you will be automatically notified and the software will have the possibility to place an automatic order.

This is a cost optimization that is absolutely not negligible, especially when inventory management plays a key role within your business.

Thanks to the maintenance management application, you have very powerful computer tools capable of ensuring the maintenance of your devices and very precisely targeting the different parts to be stored.

Combined with smart location, you will get a drastic reduction in costs without needing to intervene, it is the software that will do the work for you.

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5. Lowering labor costs by increasing efficiencies

Any organization’s budget includes a significant amount of labor. Appropriate staffing numbers are the first step in personnel management.

By ensuring that your staffing levels correspond to the workload and lowering overtime expenses, CMMS software enables you to precisely estimate the labor hours needed for preventive maintenance jobs. When hiring more staff members is more cost-effective than paying your present employees extra overtime, this kind of labor cost analysis can help you decide.

Utilizing computerized maintenance management software also enables you to complete tasks that are of the utmost importance while preventing the neglect of less important tasks. Schedules for both employees and contract workers can be automated using work order management tools in CMMS software.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A CMMS?

All of CMMS features add several big bonuses for your organization such as:

Reduces Equipment Downtime: If you perform maintenance correctly and on time, your equipment will need fewer repairs and last longer.

Increases Productivity: Technicians stay organized and up-to-date on breakdowns, responsibilities, and maintenance appointment reminders. They can also easily track and manage tools or equipment.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: Depending on the information added to the system, maintenance operations are scheduled automatically.

Improves Work Order Management: All work orders in the system contain the necessary information and documentation.

Increases Equipment Life: Preventive maintenance is performed at an optimal time.

Preventive Maintenance: All asset information is stored in a central database.

Improves Productivity: Workflow, work orders, and assets are optimally organized.

Meets Compliance and Safety Standards: Maintenance standards can be generated in a comprehensive report.

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ROI CMMS: What Is It And How Is It Calculated?

Return on investment is one of the most requested and tracked key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring and evaluating the profitability of CMMS software.

The first step is therefore to understand the formula. It is expressed as a percentage and is calculated as follows:

ROI = Net Profit (Present value of investment – ​​the cost of investment) / cost of investment x 100

This simple calculation will help you understand the profit or loss that your software investment generates. More specifically, it will help you see more clearly what it saves you over the long term in terms of your maintenance budgets.

In addition, the performance of your software is relatively variable, and this is according to several criteria: the number of users, the number of sites, the functional needs of your maintenance department, the options, and the initial support (configuration, training, and developments of specifics). Having a good knowledge of these criteria will not only have a considerable impact on the speed of implementation but also on the return on investment of your CMMS solution.

We hope you enjoyed reading Five Ways CMMS Will Save You Money.

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