Why Your Business Needs a CMMS

Why Your Business Needs a CMMS

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In today’s blog, we will show you, why your business needs a CMMS. Let’s start. Technology makes giant strides every day and if in the past paper notes and spreadsheets were simply used to manage an organization, today an increasing number of Facility Managers entrust the maintenance and management procedures of their companies to software able to organize, monitor and diagnose resources.

But do you know what a CMMS is? Have you ever experienced how simple it is to use and how it can improve your maintenance management system? First of all, my advice to you is to immediately introduce maintenance software into your maintenance activities and, if you still have doubts, with this article you can start taking your first steps and discover the main advantages that this tool can bring to your business!

What does CMMS mean?

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is a software created to help the most modern companies (and those that are not yet but want to try to modernize) manage and control their maintenance operations.

The implementation of maintenance CMMS software within a company that until now has managed its maintenance activities with pen and paper or Excel sheets is an operation capable of radically changing one’s work and obtaining important results with minimal effort (and much easier.)

At the same time, however, precisely because a CMMS is a software dedicated to all types of maintenance, it is important to choose which benefits we want to obtain from our maintenance program.

We may be interested in reporting costs and working hours, planning scheduled maintenance activities, managing the warehouse, and creating intervention requests and work orders in a simpler and faster way. And these are just some of the possible benefits of a maintenance CMMS.

Also for this reason it is good to be clear, when considering the possibility of adopting a CMMS for one’s own maintenance, what are the benefits that this tool will bring to our work.

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What Is A CMMS And Why Is It Important?

Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) groups are software solutions that help companies manage their processes and operations. A CMMS is designed to improve the efficiency, productivity, and quality of a company’s processes and operations. It also reduces costs and increases return on investment.

A CMMS allows companies to plan and manage their operations, allocating the necessary resources in order to achieve their objectives. A CMMS provides businesses with complete visibility into all processes and operations through tools such as detailed reports, analytics reports, and key performance indicators.

A CMMS can also be used to automate certain tasks, which can help reduce downtime and improve efficiency. The implementation of a CMMS can also improve decision-making and the execution of tasks within the company.

Indeed, it offers companies a more in-depth view of their activities, which allows decision-makers to have a better understanding of the risks incurred and the opportunities to be seized. The data collected and generated by a CMMS can also be used to make better and more informed decisions about which strategies to implement.

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In addition, a CMMS improves the consideration of the complete life cycle of a company’s assets. Indeed, it facilitates the planning and implementation of an effective maintenance program for each asset to function properly for a long time. The data collected by a CMMS can also be used to monitor asset performance, allowing companies to take appropriate action to prevent any malfunction or potential failure before it occurs.

Therefore, a successful CMMS implementation is essential to ensure that your business operates efficiently and achieves its goals. This will not only take your organization to a higher level of productivity but also increase its profitability by reducing its overall operational costs.

Additionally, making optimal use of existing assets will allow your business to maintain its competitive advantage in the marketplace by increasing its ability to innovate and provide exceptional customer service.

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What Role Does A CMMS Play?

A CMMS can help you track all maintenance activities in one place. This can be very useful if you have a large facility or if your business has multiple locations. Having all this information in one place makes it easier to plan and budget for maintenance activities.

A CMMS can also help you simplify maintenance activities. For example, you can use the software to plan preventive maintenance work so that it does not interrupt production. You can also use the software to track downtime and identify areas for improvement in maintenance activities.

When Do We Use CMMS?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as every business has different needs. However, a CMMS can be used in a variety of situations, such as:

  • If you want to increase the efficiency of your maintenance activities.
  • If you want to reduce the cost of maintenance work.
  • When you need better traceability and transparency of your maintenance activities.
  • If you want to improve reporting and analysis of maintenance statistics.

Whether or not you use a CMMS ultimately depends on your specific needs and goals. If you think a CMMS can help improve your company’s maintenance operations, it might be worth considering implementing it. Talk to a professional who can assess your situation and recommend the best solution.

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Who Uses CMMS?

Many types of businesses can benefit from using a CMMS. Here are some examples:

  • Manufacturing companies: CMMS can help manufacturing companies track their production assets and schedule maintenance activities according to production schedules.
  • Hospitality: A CMMS can help the hospitality industry track its assets and ensure they are properly maintained.
  • Property management companies: A CMMS can help property management companies keep track of their buildings and other assets.
  • Retailers: A CMMS can help retailers keep track of their store setup and inventory.
  • Service companies: A CMMS can help service companies track their vehicles and other moving assets.
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A CMMS Can Improve The Management Of Your Business

Maintenance is a fundamental part of the operation of many businesses such as department stores, boutiques, factories, or third-party service companies. Having a CMMS makes it easier to control data, communicate with customers and suppliers, manage tasks and recurring maintenance reports, as well as monitor the work of operators and the materials used for these tasks.

This benefits both customers and service providers: on the one hand, customers can register incidents, communicate directly with technicians, and keep track of the actions carried out by the company performing maintenance on their premises.

On the other hand, maintenance companies can better manage their technicians’ hours thanks to the calendar, monitor the status of tasks, and control the time invested in each. With a CMMS, you will be able to access better customers, who are more demanding in terms of transparency and control of their data.

CMMS Features

To be completely clear, here are the most used features of CMMS software:

Contract management

It is possible to enter and track all maintenance contracts (maintenance, repair contracts, etc.) in the software.

Intervention planning

It is possible to plan maintenance interventions directly in the software, depending on the type of equipment, location, etc.

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Managing your equipment

With the CMMS, you manage your equipment in an optimal way. You can inventory and locate them with ease. In addition, the CMMS allows you to manage information dedicated to each type of equipment. Whether production equipment, premises, vehicles, etc. you have easy management. This management also includes technical documentation, such as plans, or manufacturer documentation. The CMMS software assists you by offering you perfect knowledge of your equipment fleet. Thanks to the creation of this repository and the Full Web CMMS solutions, all your information is easily accessible to you internally and via the Internet.

Managing your maintenance 

This is the second strong point of the functionalities of CMMS software. Thanks to the assistance of a CMMS, the maintenance of all of your company’s equipment is guaranteed. The CMMS allows you to manage both corrective and preventive maintenance. CMMS can help you with:

  • Set up a new preventive plan based on past events,
  • Define the conditions for condition-based maintenance,
  • Log and trace each maintenance operation.
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Managing your purchases

Regarding your purchases, the CMMS can save you money by taking charge of the purchasing conditions of your suppliers and allowing you to easily compare them with each other.  As for the integration of purchase requests into the CMMS software, it allows technicians and members of the maintenance department to have optimal follow-up. They know at all times what the current orders are, with which suppliers, etc.

Stock management

For a company, CMMS software is particularly interesting for its inventory management features. Indeed, the software knows what quantities of products enter and leave the store, what parts are reserved for interventions, and what are the minimum and/or maximum quantities of replenishment.  The CMMS software also allows recording:

  • equivalent items,
  • supplier price catalogs,
  • links with the equipment tree,
  • Etc.
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Managing your staff

The CMMS software also manages the workload schedules of your teams with planning assistance tools, as well as the provisional schedule of the work to be carried out. It also allows the monitoring of time spent by each speaker. By assisting the maintenance department of your company, the CMMS provides you with considerable assistance and optimizes its productivity while reducing costs, in particular those related to the maintenance and upkeep of your equipment.

Inventory of spare parts

Inventory tracking and control are improved, ensuring spare parts are available when they are needed and therefore ensuring uptime is maximized. The request and ordering of parts are integrated into the CMMS in order to obtain better efficiency. Suppliers and their performance are monitored. CMMS data can then be used to accelerate future budgeting and planning efforts.

Maximizing Asset Lifespan with CMMS

Maintenance schedule

Preventive and routine maintenance is particularly important to ensure the proper functioning of equipment and supporting facilities. Prior scheduling notices are issued automatically, which allows for better planning of the use of manpower. Renewals and terms of service contracts are tracked and early warnings of expiration are produced.

Safety inspections

Visual and instrumental safety inspections are essential for the safe operation of equipment. The computer programming of these inspections guarantees an optimal inspection schedule. In addition, routine computer analyses of inspection results provide warning of impending safety issues.

Why Your Business Needs a CMMS

No more paperwork!

Here is why your business needs a CMMS. Raise your hand if you like sitting in the truck at the end of your shift to handle forms! At the end of a long day, you’re tired and hungry and ready to head home. The last thing you want to do is fill out paperwork by the little light in a taxi. One of our favorite things about CMMS software is that maintenance teams can save time for themselves and their families. By entering your work details, you can start working right after hours.

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As a business owner or maintenance manager, this is a huge benefit. When your team is rushing home, paperwork can often be penciled in. However, your business depends on accurate and reliable data. So if there was an easier and faster way to get the paperwork done accurately, that would help everyone. This advantage can help you avoid making important business decisions based on inaccurate data.

Ensure Proper Management Of Your Equipment With CMMS

Monitoring the assets of a structure is a task that should not be overlooked. Indeed, the computerized maintenance software guarantees you optimized management of your business equipment. It allows a significant improvement in productivity by avoiding certain maneuvers that constitute a real waste of time. This technological tool provides all the information necessary for the intelligent management of a company’s equipment.

The software is automated and provides the manager with complete and permanent reporting. In addition, the tool will analyze the entire operating chain of your machines. From this analysis will emerge all the statistics useful and necessary for decision-making. This way, all you have to do is study this statistical data before taking action.

Spare part management

Control The Maintenance Budget With CMMS

The computerized maintenance management software reduces the cost of maintenance. Thanks to the computer tool, you can anticipate the interventions to be made on your machines as well as the related expenses. With traceability and diagnostic aid tools, it will be easier for you to plan maintenance. Apart from controlling the cost of maintaining your business equipment, the software also helps reduce supply costs.

Thanks to its alarm and automatic ordering functionalities, you will replenish your company at the right time. In addition, out-of-stock expenses will be waived. In addition, this computerized management technology solution allows intelligent targeting of parts to be stored. In a nutshell, this tool will allow you to rationally manage your budget.

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Extend The Life Of Equipment With CMMS

Another advantage that makes this software a “must-have” on the market. Thanks to its many features, its use will affect the life of your equipment. The maintenance of a company’s machines is not always optimized. Between poor diagnosis and a less efficient maintenance system, the life of your equipment is limited. Yet your machines may take longer than you imagine.

This tool extends the life of your devices and machines because they are better maintained. As a result, your investment budget (purchase of machines, etc.) will be considerably reduced in the short, medium or long term. Nevertheless, by achieving this performance, you increase the availability of your assets. Your mechanical and/or motorized equipment will be more productive.

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Share Information And Knowledge With CMMS

Just as information is essential, training is also a permanent necessity for your human resources. The CMMS software, therefore, allows rapid sharing of data to all the actors involved in the maintenance of the equipment. Housed in the Cloud, the processing and dissemination of information becomes child’s play. Alongside the rapid and automatic transmission of information between stakeholders, accessibility remains sustainable. That said, this management tool simplifies communication through rapid information sharing between different actors.

In addition, computerized management software places particular emphasis on the training of equipment managers. Thanks to the monitoring system implemented by this software, it will be easier to provide training. The tool detects employees who need to strengthen their capacity for optimal control of their equipment. Based on this data, it will be possible to optimize the productivity of your business. High-performance equipment managed by competent personnel for performance well above expectations.

Computerized maintenance management software is an indispensable tool for the maintenance of business equipment. It extends the life of your machines and other equipment in your structure. In addition to the technical aspect, it offers an optimal follow-up of the training to the actors intervening in the maintenance of the equipment. This is an opportunity to control the entire maintenance budget of your machines and plant maintenance with complete peace of mind.

Purchasing CMMS software is not an unnecessary expense when you consider the benefits that CMMS software can bring to your business. Instead, it’s a major investment. The software can significantly reduce labor costs by automating and completing tasks accurately and in a timely manner. Plus, timely maintenance ensures your machines and tools will keep running for a long time with minimal breakdowns. In the end, CMMS software’s ability to store data can help you make more informed decisions.

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